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Samjad Stud sits on the hill side, overlooking the eastern Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of Lebanon. The Stud farm spans across 40 magnificent hectares of a well-manicured property. Samjad continues to improve this unique farm facility, with an eye constantly keen on providing the best care and joy for horses.

From the very start, Samjad had a clear vision, a goal and a target; to establish a Stud farm that breeds distinguished Pure Bred Arabian Horses with special pedigrees, leading to a simple target: the ability to produce some of the best Pure Bred Arabian Horses the world will see in years to come.

Samjad built and equipped a clinic with the most advanced technologies available for artificial insemination, embryo transfers, and reproduction in general, all supervised by a specialized veterinary MD. Samjad is also collaborating with some of the best breeding centers in Europe to enhance its program and refine its choices in mares and stallions.

Our fabulous Mares are in foal to the best Stallions and we expect a special season…

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